Green Tara figure Buddha "Fine quality" Nepal (4,8 kg) Nepal Nutchhe

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Green Tara

This Green Tara is a unique piece made in the lost mold in copper and is super beautiful to look at.

It is 35 cm high and 28 cm wide and comes from Nepal, made by a person who carried out every step of the work by hand.

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The Green Tara is a fascinating Buddhist figure that stands for compassion, protection and wisdom. Here are some interesting details about this statue:

Green Tara is often worshipped as a "savior" and protective deity. She is also a teacher of asceticism and wisdom.

Tara embodies the principle of compassion and is the female counterpart to Chenresig (Avalokitesvara), the male bodhisattva.

Legend has it that Green Tara was born from a tear shed by the great compassionate bodhisattva over the suffering of the world.

Her peaceful facial expression reveals the state of "salvation" (Sanskrit: nirvana).

Green Tara holds the stems of two lotus blossoms in her hands, symbolizing different stages of growth.

The figure was handcrafted by the Nutchhe family of artists in Nepal and weighs 4.8 kg.

Its dimensions are: Height 35 cm, depth 18 cm and width 28 cm.

This Green Tara statue is undoubtedly an impressive work of art that can bring joy and peace for decades. It is wonderful to hear that she is even more beautiful in reality than in the pictures! 🙏🌿

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She realised her noble intention and became a role model for women and men. 

a role model for women and men.

The peaceful expression on the face of this statue reveals the state of "salvation". 

the state of "salvation" (sakrt. nirv.

(sakrt. nirvana) of Tara.

 Her black painted eyes are underlaid with fine silver.

The ascetic hairstyle (skrt. Jata), i.e. the felt curls - painted blue on this piece - refers to her state of "salvation" (sakrt. nirvana).

felt curls, refers to her superiority over all worldly things.


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Neck-, arm-, hand- and foot jewellery show beadwork and are set with turquoise and coral.

turquoise and coral. 

The same applies to the magnificent crown, which also has a very

a very beautiful red stone in the upper end, 

which could be a ruby.

could be a ruby. 

The Tara holds the stems of two lotus flowers in her hands,

showing different stages of growth, and sits upright in the Lalitasana kraal characteristic of her

Lalitasana posture, which is characteristic of her depiction. 

on a lotus base (skrt.



Characteristic for Lalitasana is the position of her legs, the one

one bent horizontally and the other hanging down over the seat.

hanging down over the seat. The Tara rests her right foot on a lotus (skrt. Padma),

always ready to efficiently come to the aid of the devotees. 


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