White Tara statue Buddha figure Nepal (10.5 Kg) Gold Nepalbuddha

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White Tara

This "White Tara" is a copper worked, full body fire-gilded unique.

The Tara figure is very finely crafted in detail and convinces the connoisseur by the very elaborate deep engravings.

It is 48 cm high and 37 cm wide and comes from the hands of a well-known artist from Nepal.

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Welcome, dear art lovers and collectors of precious treasures! Today we present to you a true jewel of art, created by the talented hands of a master who is unsurpassed in the art of statue making.

Immerse yourself in the world of spirituality and elegance as we introduce you to the enchanting "White Tara" statue. In a simple beauty lies its secret, as its effect is truly impressive. The "White Tara" is a masterpiece that combines the essence of spirituality and the delicacy of craftsmanship.

A respected artist from Kathmandu, has executed each step of this statue with his own creative hand. Few artists have mastered this art to such unparalleled perfection. Every handle, every movement, every detail has been sculpted with love and dedication to create a work of art of extraordinary beauty.

The "White Tara" is a symbol of purity and compassion in Buddhism. This statue exudes an incomparable aura that captivates every viewer. Whether you are a practicing Buddhist or simply appreciate the grace and majesty of this masterpiece, the "White Tara" will take your heart by storm.

With its impressive dimensions of 48 cm in height and 37 cm in width, this statue is a truly majestic work of art that will transform any room into an oasis of spiritual tranquility. Its 10.5 kg weight reflects the value and solidity of this precious work of art.

When you fall in love with the sight of "White Tara", you will own not only a work of art, but also a source of inspiration and inner peace. You will feel how the wisdom and compassion of this statue touch and enrich your life.

Be ready to lose yourself in the magical world of "White Tara" and feel the deep connection to the soul of this work of art. Immerse yourself in the spiritual magic of Nepal and be enchanted by the craftsmanship of a true master.

Bring this work of art into your home and feel the timeless beauty and spiritual power it exudes. Be seduced by the magic of Nepal and take a piece of this precious heritage with you.


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10,5 Kg
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