Wood Carving from Nepal Tibetan Buddhism Maya Devi and Maha Maya Standing on Betala

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Handicraft wood carving from the Nepalese art market. On display is the "Maya Devi and Maha Maya standing on Betala" a representation from Tibetan Buddhism.

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Woodcarving Nepal

Keeping an ancient tradition alive

Wood carving involves the use of various tools such as knives, chisels and chisels to create a work of art or sculpture. Nepal has a rich history of woodcarving, with woodcarvers creating magnificent works of art.

The Malla period (13th to 18th centuries) and the Licchavi period before that are the golden era of cultural renaissance in Nepal. During this period, wood carving and wooden architecture gained prominence. The ancient city of Kathmandu has incredible wooden buildings, temples and palaces. 

The local community has successfully passed on the traditional art form to the younger generations, keeping it alive. 

Weight: 29 Kg - Height: 98 cm - Depth: 14 cm - Width: 78 cm

I was allowed to take this handmade craft directly from the esteemed artist in order to be able to offer it here for sale!

According to the artist's statement, he worked on this woodcarving for several months.

The expression wheel of life (also: wheel of becoming; Sanskrit: Bhava-cakra; Tibetan: srid pa 'khor lo) designates, among other things, a symbol of Buddhist meditation. Shortly before his enlightenment (Bodhi), Buddha is said to have seen the eternal cycle of life and recognised the path to liberation.

Today, representations of the wheel of life serve as meditation aids, as mandalas; they are also often depicted on the so-called thangkas. They always contain the same symbols and follow a certain scheme. In the wheel wreath there is a twelve-part pictorial representation of the chain of conditional arising, which results in the eternal cycle of rebirth. The wheel of rebirths is clasped by a demon (Yama, lord of death), which is meant to symbolise time with its devouring and eternal aspect. (Source: Wikipedia)

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