Buddha Shakyamuni statue, gold plated, very fine quality

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Buddha Shakyamuni statue, gold plated, very fine quality

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Shakyamuni Buddha

This Buddha image is a unique piece, worked in copper and elaborately gilded with fine gold 24 carat shining gold. It is 33.5 cm high and 24.5 cm wide and comes from Nepal.  Such time-consuming and detailed craftsmanship is what makes a beautiful Buddha statue. The perspective reduction is well done here and the facial expression is and remains very impressive.

The statue is decorated with high-quality stones. These are elaborately adapted and worked into the specially designed empty spaces. This medium-sized and impressive - in form completed statue could linger in a beautiful room and give the viewer lasting serenity, as it is intended to do.

It is even more impressive in the original than as seen in the picture.

The statue can be filled from below, as is Tibetan tradition.

Weight: 4 Kg - Height: 33,5 cm - Depth: 17,5 cm - Width: 24,5 cm

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Shakyamuni Buddha ("the awakened one from the Shakya clan", also Siddharha Gautama) was the founder of Buddhism. He was born the son of a local king who had been prophesied that his son would become either a great king or a great saint. Wishing his son to become his successor, the king shielded him from all religious teachings and from all human suffering.

Nevertheless, one day on a journey, the prince encountered an old man, a sick man, a corpse and finally an ascetic. Affected by the suffering nature of the world, he decided to become an ascetic. After starving himself nearly to death, Siddhartha began to rethink his path; he realised that only a balanced meditative state leads to awakening, and thus discovered the Middle Way.

For the remaining 45 years of his life, the Buddha travelled northern India, teaching his path to a variety of very different people until, at the age of 80, he left his physical body behind and entered Parinirvana.

The Buddha is depicted in monk's robes, with a begging bowl in his left hand while his right touches the earth. With this gesture he had invoked the earth as a witness that he had the right to remain seated in meditation when Mara, the destructive spirit, had challenged him on the eve of his enlightenment.

The Buddha is seated on a lion throne with a lotus - symbol of his primordial purity - and a moon disc cooling the heat of the suffering of samsara, shining in the golden colour of the rising sun. The prominence (Ushnisha) on his head indicates that he has attained transcendent knowledge.


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33,5 cm
24,5 cm
17,5 cm
4 Kg
Cooper, Gold
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